If you’re not sure how credit repair works, then let me explain.

Every credit repair company out there does the same thing: send dispute letters to credit bureaus, collectors, and creditors.

And now you have the power to send out the same letters that they charge you hundreds of dollars to send for you.

Laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) have been put in place to protect consumers like yourself from over aggressive collection agencies.

If a collector is reporting any inaccurate or invalid information about an account they say you owe, or any inquiry that was performed – then by law they MUST correct that information with the credit bureaus or they can no longer report that item to the credit bureaus.

If a credit bureau investigates an account or inquiry at your request, and they cannot validate the information with the furnisher (collection agency) – by law they MUST stop reporting that information on your credit report.

You might be wondering: who holds credit bureaus and collection agencies accountable to playing by the rules?

You do.

Here’s how most items like collections and inquiries get removed from a successful dispute:

  1. You send a letter to the appropriate credit bureau and ask them to verify questionable account information you find on your credit report
  2. They perform an investigation, and discover that the account information is inaccurate or unverifiable
  3. The item gets deleted from your credit report

This is the same process that professional credit repair companies go through when they charge their clients hundreds of dollars.

Now you can do it on your own.

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