Let us give you some valuable information about how to choose tradelines wisely. Here we share the list of 5 common mistakes that people often make when trying to boost their credit score using AU tradelines.
Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.
So, let’s get started!
Having bad records on the credit report

If you have too many inquiries, or you missed the regular payment, or if you have fraud alert or credit freeze on your account, then tradelines won’t help improve your credit score.

Before you start using AU tradeline technology you need to get rid of all negative records from your account. It’s a different process, but we still can help with it. Please apply for a credit repair first before you buy tradelines.

Having data discrepancies across bureaus
All banks are sensitive to discrepancies in first name and last name of an AU. It’s crucial to make sure that all credit bureaus contain your name correct and identical before purchasing AU tradelines. When purchasing a tradeline, please provide First and Last name that appears on all credit bureaus or remove the discrepancies beforehand by contacting the credit bureaus.
Some banks are also sensitive to a postal address of an AU applied by them in the credit bureaus (Barclays, Citibank, Chase, Elan). Ideally the billing address should be identical across all 3 credit bureaus as well.

Adding wrong tradelines to an empty credit report

If your credit profile does not have any credit score, then getting a tradeline to post could be a problem. Sometimes there may be blocks on that person’s credit file that prevent the new authorized user account from posting. In this case, please ensure to purchase a US Bank, Bank of America, Discover, Navy Federal, or Elan Financial card prior to adding any other tradelines!

Adding Citibank tradelines to a report containing other Citibank credit lines

Citibank is the only lender whose tradelines don’t post to reports already containing other credit lines by Citibank.
Please make sure you don’t choose Citibank if you already have any credit lines of this bank on your credit report, otherwise the tradeline just will not post.

Ignoring other important parameters apart of limit and age
You need to understand that the bank, the billing address ID and the statement day also matter. Most important examples are:

  1. You need to avoid buying a tradeline that belongs to a bank you have filed bankruptcy in.
  2. You need to buy a tradeline enough far before its statement day to have 100% chance of getting it into your next report.
  3. In most cases you need to buy several tradelines, but you must understand that it’s much better to have all of them within the same billing address ID.
    There can be more factors that make sense in yoUr particular case, so you can always ask for our help in choosing your tradeline set.
    Stay safe and look after your loved ones!