$399 $499 setup, $169 Monthly, for 12 Months.


($399) $499 Setup Fee, $169 Monthly For 12 Month. Then its Only $169 Yearly for Maintenance.

We provide Coaching & Consulting, Personal and Business Development

We BUILD up your personal credit so you can get approved for high limit credit cards

We correctly register and structure a company for you so you can get business credit and funding.


1. We register your Investment Holding Company using safe words such as ENTERPRISE, CONSULTING, SOLUTIONS, SERVICES, HOLDING, GROUP, GLOBAL ( Low Risk Naics) What is considered low risk business? (LINK HERE)

2. We acquire EIN and Dunns Number

3. We will need you to create a FREE Living Trust (LINK HERE), Which will own your Holding Company.
(Trust –> Holding Company –> LLC)

4. We will build for you a professional Business Website (No Ecommerce Sites, - Unless you are selling home made products, we suggest Amazon Store, TikTok Shop, Facebook/Instagram Market Place/Store.

5. Professional Business Email Address

6. Business Phone Number / With Virtual Attendant

7. Business Virtual Address W/Mailbox (If you don't have a business location) (Click Here)

8. You will need to also purchase a Business Credit Builder package from us, to ensure your business has a high paydex score.

9. We will assist with walking you through setting up a amazon store so you can also generate income from selling online, all you need is one product which you can buy in bulk from and have amazon sell, and ship for you. (Little to No Work)

10. * Your monthly payment covers your website maintenance, hosting, business email, business phone number, virtual business address W/Mailbox, and quarterly business cards. If you cancel your membership you cancel all associated services.

If you register your business in a high-risk industry, it can cause all sorts of problems down the road: Limited access to credit and funding Higher insurance costs Increased regulatory scrutiny Difficulty attracting investments Challenges building partnerships.