What is the 3k client? how does it work?
Tha boonies Signature repair now pay later service.
Members Invitation Only, if you signed up to this membership and you were not invited by one of tha boonies members with a special link you will be refunded and no services rendered.
Credit repair is the process of identifying and addressing any unfair, inaccurate or unverified negative items hurting your credit, including collections, late payments, charge-offs and more.

First, we'll comb through your credit reports, working with you to identify any suspicious negative items that could be wrongfully hurting your credit.

Next, we'll send challenges on your behalf to the credit bureaus and your creditors. If they can't verify your items as accurate, fair and substantiated, they must remove them.

As we work through each of your questionable negative items, we'll also help you develop smart credit habits to maintain your credit moving forward.

>>> We invest in building up your credit by adding AU tradelines and primaries
>>> We register a LLC for you and build credit on that LLC as well, then apply for hight limit credit cards

Once approved you will then pay our invoice of 3K for the service.